The Best Exercises For Clearing Your Head After Work

When you hear about people who frequently travel for work it’s easy to think it’s all glamour, all the time: four and five-star hotels, airport lounges, exciting cities, gourmet meals, high-powered meetings. Thing is, when you’re actually travelling on business, the reality can be somewhat less alluring. You’re exhausted, busy and stressed, most of the time. Often, … Read more

Here’s The Right Way To Run Outside In The Winter

Here’s The Right Way To Run Outside In The Winter Running in winter takes a little more preparation than simply lacing up your sneakers and heading outside. “When you work out in the cold, you don’t feel like you’re sweating as much as you do in the warmer months,” said Katie Barrett, an instructor at the fitness … Read more

Medical News Today: How to identify and treat inner knee pain

Inner knee pain can be the result of an injury caused by a sport or exercise, such as running, that puts a strain on the knee joint. This pain can also be caused by trauma, where a person has fallen on their knee or been in an accident. Inflammation of the pes anserine bursa may … Read more

A smile will improve your run, research finds

A smile will improve your run, research finds For athletes of all levels, endurance — how long they can keep going at their chosen sport — is made up of physiological and psychological factors. Physiological factors include cardiovascular fitness, and how efficient an athlete is at using energy (their “movement economy”). A critical psychological factor, … Read more

How to stay motivated

How to stay motivated Are you struggling to stay motivated? We’ve put together some information for you on how to maintain motivation and why it is so important to do so. Read More… Powered by

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