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Feature: Massage,Anti-Apnea;Weight: 0-0.5 kg;Pattern Type: Solid;Brand Name: cities dog;Part: Neck;Use: Massage;Shape: U-Shape;Model Number: Neck & Head Pillow;Grade: Grade A;Filling: snow bean cotton;Material: Like the details show;Thread Count: Normal;Fabric Count: Normal;Power source type: : 2 AA X 1.5V battery (battery requires self-preparation);color: as pic show;


Bullet Points:

The fabric is made of high-quality lycra, the filling material is the food grade snow bean cotton, safe and environmental

It is in accordance with the design concept of ergonomics, the exterior is beautiful, for a broad range of people

Six types of massage options are freely available, easy to operate and easy to use

Automatic shutdown in 20 minutes, safe and reliable

Power source type: 2 AA X 1.5V battery (battery requires self-preparation)


Improve blood circulation in the neck and prevent cervical spondylosis

To relieve fatigue, relieve fatigue and relieve neuropathic pain

Take care of the head and neck while resting, and keep the head and neck in normal position

Use instructions in massage mode:

Working mode     Massage way

Model1           Gentle, continuous

Model2           Heavy massage, continuous

Model3           Heavy massage, stop/massage alternate(About 70 cycles per minute)

Model4           Light/heavy massage alternate(About 60 cycles per minute)

Model5           Repeat model 1,2,3,4, Each mode runs about 3 seconds

Model6           Repeat model 1,2,3,4,5, Each mode runs about 45 seconds

ON/OFF: on-off key

MODE: mode key

Operating instructions:

1, press ON/OFF to start the power, massage pillow into the massage condition.

2, switch the massage mode in turn by pressing the MODE key


1: This product, please stored in a dry and children is not easy to get places;

2: Please do not use or store near the field, and stay away from high temperature or damp places;

3: Please do not alter any product components, need to consult professionals;

4: If long time don’t use this product, please remove the battery and safekeeping;

5: Please ban the use of infants and other non-expressive persons

6: It is forbidden to put waste batteries into the fire

1 X U-shape Pillow

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Black, Light-Green

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